Frank Borman and Walter Schirra Visit Australasia

In 1965 December astronaut Frank Borman and James Lovell flew Gemini 7 around the world 206 times in 330 hours, setting a new world endurance space flight record. During their mission Gemini 6 was launched and brought to an orbital rendezvous with Gemini 7. Aboard were Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford. Gemini 6 made 16 Earth revolutions in 26 hours.

During 1966 March Borman and Schirra visited Australia and New Zealand. The following were radio news reports of that visit.

NZBC report astronauts in Adelaide (0 min 34 s 0.7 MB)
VOA report (0 mim 46s 0.7 MB)
NZBC report from Wellington after Christchurch confusion (2 min 17 s 2.2 MB)
Visit to Victoria University (0 min 39 s 0.6 MB)
Astronauts fly to Auckland with Prime Minister Holyoake (1 min 15 s 1.2 MB)
Interview by Peter Reid. Why they became astronauts; details of the Gemini 6 shutdown; Mercury Sigma 7; Earth occultation experiments; stars are invisible during day; Apollo abort possibilities in event of an intense solar flare; planetary trips. (10 min 29 s 10.1 MB)
NZBC report Auckland visit (2 min 28 s 2.4 MB)
Andrew Rennie and Joyce Rennie describe their encounters with the astronauts in Auckland (5 min 12 s 5.0 MB)
VOA report on astronaut's flight from Auckland to Honolulu during launch of Gemini 8 (3 min 58 s 3.8 MB)

The astronauts in Auckland

Photographs taken by Andrew with an Agfa "Clack" camera using black&white 120 roll film, scanned from prints.
Photo 1 Wally, followed by Frank, give Andrew a smile as they enter Auckland University.
Photo 2 Frank, followed by Wally, walk past Andrew to enter the Hall at Auckland University. Uninvited, Andrew followed them into the Hall and listened to their lecture.
Photo 3 As he strolls out of Auckland University Wally gives Andrew a friendly wave.
Photo 4 Down in Queen Street, has Wally recognised Andrew? Beside Wally, wife Josephine reaches into her handbag.
Cartoon From the Auckland Star newspaper the day after the visit to Auckland.
An Australian perspective on the excellent Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station website