1999 July 19
    KSC Contact: Bruce Buckingham
    KSC Release No. 65-99


    Judy Collins has honoured Eileen Collins, first woman to command a Space Shuttle, with a song commissioned by NASA through the NASA Art Program. Judy Collins will perform the song, "Beyond the Sky," at a pre-flight briefing on Monday, 1999 July 19 at 10:30 p.m. and will be on hand for the VIP viewing of the launch that evening. It is also understood that the song written especially for the occasion will be broadcast at the site prior to the launch. The launch of STS-93 coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing.

    For additional information on the Shuttle-related events or the music, please contact:

    • Jim Murtha/Gurtman and Murtha, 212/967-7350 or 516/587-6125
    • Katherine DePaul/Wildflower Records, 212/749-7221
    • Bert Ulrich/NASA, 202/358-1713

    Beyond the Sky
    Words and Music by Judy Collins - The Wildflower Company/ASCAP

    Once there was a girl with a dream in her heart
    Wild as the wind was her hope
    In those far off days she could dream all she would
    No one but her heart believed her hope
    All she could do was to hold to her dream
    Catching every rainbow's light
    Praying for the miracle to come to pass
    Even on the darkest night

    That she would fly beyond the sky
    Beyond the stars beyond the heavens
    Beyond the dawn she'd carry on
    Until her dreams had all come true

    Once there was a woman with stars in her eyes
    Flying on the wings of her dreams
    She had come so far it was hard to believe
    Changed the world from what it seemed
    Equal to the ones who had claimed the sky
    Now she flew with them beneath the sun
    But she dared a dream beyond all dreams
    She would take the helm and be the one

    And she would fly beyond the sky
    Beyond the stars beyond the heavens
    Beyond the dawn she'll carry on
    Until her dreams have all come true

    She had led the way beyond darkness
    For other dreamers who would dare the sky
    She has led us to believe in dreaming
    Given us the hope that we can try

    Now in the grace of her dance of delight
    Shining in her destiny
    Here is the promise for all our hopes
    Telling us we can be free

    And we will fly beyond the sky
    Beyond the stars beyond the heavens
    Beyond the dawn we'll carry on
    Until our dreams have all come true

    To those who fly - we sing to you

    Into the sky

    Beyond the stars

    We'll reach our dreams