The Space Station

Space station multipurpose logistics module Donatela

The multipupose logitics module Leonardo being converted for permanent placement attachment to the International Space Station.

Visitor Complex guide Don Garretson explains the work of the Space Station Payload Processing Facility.

So at 5:50 pm I took the next leg of the three point public tour to the Space Station Payload Processing Facility, arriving at 6:15 pm. In NASA-speak anything that does something is a "facility."

This Facility in the Kennedy Space Center Industrial Area houses all of the elements being prepared for launch to the International Space Station, as well as walk-through full-size mock-up space station modules.

At 7 pm officials flushed us out of the building, saying it was closing time. Being on the last bus out meant that some of the workers were also aboard, and conversation with them proved most rewarding. As we waited for this bus I was able to settle a debate that had gone on between some of the workers. A large display photograph at the bus station WAS of Cook Strait, and showed the Marlborough Sounds and Wellington.

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