Astronaut Walkout

The Astrovan and amoured security vehicle drive off with the seven astronauts and support crew.

After several false alarms, caused by various support staff emerging from the building, the crew finally emerged at 2:29 am. Walking two-by-two in their orange spacesuits they swung left to the waiting astrovan. In a single line beside the van they waved to us, and then one-by-one entered the astrovan. Its tinted windows hid the seven astronauts and their support crew from our view. The door closed, and the van, followed by the black security vehicle, drove off into the night, heading for the launch pad.

I took several photo sequences with my camera set in burst mode.
* Astronauts walkout
* Peek to right of column
* Wave to left of column
* Astronauts enter astrovan

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Text, images and audio Copyright to Andrew Rennnie, 2010