NASA Television

Robert Cabana, Director of the Kennedy Space Center and former astronaut, stands in front of one of the large television monitors on which I would watch NASA TV in the Conference Room.

Tuesday and Wednesday were quiet days, with all the action and most of the media having gone off to Houston.

In my dreams I had thought I would be able to sit and watch the major mission events - such as dockings, spacewalks and manipulator manoeuvres - on NASA's high definition television channel. Normally these mission events happen during the American day time and Australia's night time. But on this mission all the interesting things happened during the American night, when the Press Center at KSC is closed.

The guys at NASA TV at KSC quickly leaned that when Andrew Rennie showed up it was time to switch on the giant high definition TV in the auditorium, even if it was just an external view of the space station with the earth moving past below as the astronauts slept.

During my month in Florida I stayed in five hotels or motels and, alas, none of them had NASA TV.

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