Buzz Aldrin and Others

The VIPs trickle in and start renewing aquantances.
The name tags were too small to be read unless the person was less than a metre from you, which made it hard to identify people.
Neil Tyson, a well known television documentary presenter, Director of New York's Hayden Planetarium and member of the "Moon, Mars and Beyond Commission," moments before I interviewed him.
Buzz Aldrin moments before I enticed him to the barrier to give comments on Obama's space policies.
Robert Cabana, former astronaut now Director of the Kennedy Space Center, leans forward to look into my camera, while behind him Buzz Aldrin discusses issues with Norm Augustine, the Chairman of the group that formulated Obama's new space policy decisions.

A little before 1:30 pm the dignitaries started to arrive, and some of them came over and started talking to the media. That's how I got to record chats with a member of the Augustine Commission, with Neil Tyson (a Moon, Mars and Beyond Commissioner) and several others.

I and one other reporter spotted Buzz Aldrin, and motioned him over. I began interviewing him, and he had some very angry words to say about the mistakes made in the U.S. space programme.

Other reporters quickly spotted me talking to Buzz, and about a dozen rushed up, trying to push me aside to get to him. But I held my ground, managing to keep my microphone only a few centimetres from his mouth, and kept eye contact with him throughout. I am the only one who got all of his comments recorded.

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