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The 8th Annual Young Producers
Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner of a $1000 U.S. Savings Bond

Oh, That Dust!
Produced by:
  • Alexander Soufi (age 13 )
  • Basil Soufi (age 13)
Sponsor: Mary Soufi
Vacaville, CA
Show will air on: Friday, 2002 May 31

Prize: $500 US Savings Bond

Screech Owls
Produced by:
  • Anna Bakeman (age 11)
  • Ashley Bowman (age 11)
Sponsor: Betsy Bakeman
Goodwillie Environmental School
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Local Affiliate: WYCE-FM 88.1
Airtimes: Daily 8:30 am, 5:30 pm
Show will air on: Monday, 2002 May 27

Can Deserts Be Cold?
Produced by:
  • Emma Foster (age 15)
  • Uditha Lilani (age 15)
  • Hing Yu Cheung (age 15)
Sponsor: Mr. Andrew Rennie
The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School
Melbourne, Victoria
Local Affiliate: Southern FM 88.3 Melbourne
Airtimes: daily 6-8 am, 4-6 pm
Show will air on: Tuesday, 2002 May 28

Butterflies and Caterpillars
Produced by:
  • Alexis Nelson (age 8)
  • Ramey Sola (age 7)
  • Emily Talbott (age 7)
  • Marissa Jackson (age 8)
Sponsor: Georgeann Burch
Westview School
Champaign, Illinois
Local Affiliate: WILL-AM 580
Airtimes: M-F 6:58 am, 2:58 pm
Show will air on: Wednesday, 2002 May 29

Different Skin Colors
Produced by:
  • Caitlin Foran (age 9)
Sponsor: Mrs. M. Martin
East Lake Elementary School
Massapequa Park, New York
Show will air on: Thursday, 2002 May 30

2002 Young Producers Honorable Mentions

Why the Sky is Blue
Produced by:
  • Savi Carbajal (age 15)
  • Justin Garcia (age 15)
  • Alex Manzano (age 15)
Sponsor: W. Garza
Science Academy of South Texas
Mercedes, TX

The Milky Way

Produced by:
  • Ted Warhoe (age 7)
Sponsor: Kirsten Warhoe
Casis Elementary
Austin, TX

The Solar System

Produced by:
  • Samantha Flowers (age 10)
  • Ashley Goletz (age 10)
Sponsor: Mr. Lell
Chatfield Elementary
Grand Junction, CO

Why the Cedar Waxwing's
Feathers Turned Orange

Produced by:
  • Jake McKowen (age 12)
Sponsor: Metah Boroughs
Samuel Beck Intermediate
Trophy Club, TX

Birds Flying South
in V-Formation

Produced by:
  • Elizabeth DeLouise (age 15)
  • Jessica Donaldson (age 15)
Sponsor: Richard Kurtz
South Side High School
Rockville Centre, NY

Black Holes

Produced by:
  • Christopher Olsen (age 8)
  • Samuel Halpern (age 7)
Sponsor: Georgeann Burch
Westview School
Champaign, IL

Crime Scene DNA
Produced by:
  • Orianne McEwen (age 11)
  • Cassidy Hollinger (age 10)
Sponsor:Vickie Brock
Anderson Valley Elementary School
Boonville, CA

Dormant Volcano Under Vesuvius Show's Action
Produced by:
  • Jordan Movish (age 15)
Sponsor: Jo Glass
Glenbrook North High School
Northbrook, IL

Water on Mars

Produced by:
  • Jordan Pearson (age 9)
  • Kristin Pitney (age 9)
Sponsor: Janna Dowell
Bowie Elementary School
Abilene, TX

How Do Echoes Work?
Produced by:
  • Tiffany Horton (age 11)
  • Cyndi Smith (age 10)
Sponsor: Loraine Moore
Pearl Prep
El Monte, CA