The 4th Annual Young Producers Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner
$1,000 U.S. Savings Bond

The Doppler Effect
Produced by:
Peter Bellefeuille-Rice (age 14)
Lee Pickett (age 13)


Sponsor: Paul and Anita Pickett
Home School (Middle School)
Olympia, Washington
Local Affiliate: KAOS-FM 89.3
Airtime: M-F 6:25 am
Show aired on: Wednesday, 1998 April 29

$500 U.S. Savings Bond

Produced by:
LaToya Johnson (age 10)


Sponsor: Cathy E. Johnson
Bayou View Elementary School
Gulfport, Mississippi
Local Affiliate: Public Radio in Mississippi 90.3
Airtimes: M-F 9:00 am, 7:30 pm
Show aired on: Thursday, 1998 April 30

Lions in Your Grass
Produced by:
Vincent Skovira (age 8)
Stephen Gregory (age 8)
(also pictured: Elizabeth Skovira)


Sponsor: Joe Skovira
Owego Elementary School
Owego, New York
Local Affiliate: WSKG-FM 89.3
Airtime: M-F 8:30 am
Show aired on: Friday, 1998 May 1

Produced by:
Angie Griffore (age 9)
Kelsey Bos (age 8)


Elizabeth Larson
Maplewood School
Holland, Michigan
Local Affiliate: WEVS-FM 92.7
Airtime: M-F 6:00 am
Show aired on: Monday, 1998 April 27

Why Leaves Change Color
Produced by:
Nichole McClintock (age 14)
Ashley Haimerl (age 13)


Sponsor: Jerri Shearer
Heritage Middle School
Westerville, Ohio
Local Affiliate: WCBE-FM 90.5 or 106.7
Airtime: M-F 11:30 am
Local Affiliate: WOSU-AM 820
Airtime: M-F 11:30 pm
Show aired on: Tuesday, 1998 April 28

Honorable Mentions

Alaska's Iceworms
Produced by:
Shep Moore (age 11)
Joey Fielding (age 12)

Sponsor: Colleen Fish
Fairbanks, Alaska

Microchips in Voles
Produced by:
Laura Webster (age 12)
Katelin Delaney (age 11)

Sponsor: Colleen Fish
Fairbanks, Alaska

Spots in Hair
Produced by:
Eva Tillitt (age 11)
Nicole Webb (age 12)

Sponsor: Colleen Fish
Fairbanks, Alaska

Solar Flares
Produced by:
Elias Denison (age 12)
Erik Johnson (age 12)

Sponsor: Colleen Fish
Fairbanks, Alaska

Horses Frog
Produced by:
Amy Munsell (age 11)

Sponsor: Colleen Fish
Fairbanks, Alaska

Sea Turtles
Produced by:
Alex Ashby (age 7)
John Minkley (age 7)

Sponsor: Suzanne Perry
Victoria, B.C., Canada

Coloration of Fishes
Produced by:
Thomas Bailey (age 14)
David Gilcrest (age 14)
Brian Andrews (age 14)

Sponsor: Tim Herring
Nottoway, Virginia

Two Crayfish Going to the Mall
Produced by:
T.C. Fast (age 8)
Adriane Otopalik (age 9)

Sponsor: Shannon Schott
Mankato, Minnesota

The Colours of Uluru (Ayers Rock)
Produced by:
Helen Tung
Alana Danne
The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School

Sponsor: Andrew Rennie
Melbourne, Australia

Air Pollution
Produced by:
Andrea Munoz (age 13)
Maria Velazquez (age 13)

Sponsor: Kandis Thompson
Miami, Florida

Produced by:
Gerard Mundy (age 10)
Anthony Marciano (age 10)

Sponsor: Steve Band
Brooklyn, New York

Spruce Trees
Produced by:
Sara Norman

Sponsor: Martha Kopplin
Fairbanks, Alaska