Earth & Sky Friday, 2004 July 30

The 10th Annual Young Producers Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner
$1000 U.S. Savings Bond

Why are Mosquitoes Important?
Produced by:
Skyler Kragt (age 10)
Sandya Subramanian (age 10)


Sponsor: Brenda Dieffenbach
Northern Trails 5/6 School
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Local Affiliate: WYCE-FM 88.1
Airtime: M-F 8:30 am and 5:30 pm
Show will air on: Friday, 2004 May 14

$500 U.S. Savings Bond

Female Lemurs Rule!
Produced by:
Andrea Norton (age 9)
Vince Winkler (age 9)
Amber Stackhouse (age 10)
Nicole Goehring (age 9)


Sponsor: Bunny Rothenberg
William Jennings Bryan Elementary School
Omaha, Nebraska
Local Affiliate: KVNO-FM 90.7
Airtime: daily 7:30 am and M-F at 5:30 pm
Show will air on: Monday, 2004 May 10

Produced by:
Greg Roginsky (age 16)


Sponsor: Barbara Ridenour
University Laboratory High School
Urbana, Illinois
Local Affiliate: WILL-AM 580
Airtime: M-F 6:58 am and 2:58 pm and Sat 10:58 am
Show will air on: Tuesday, 2004 May 11

Static Electricity
Produced by:
Jake Hanna (age 11)
Andrew Amundson (age 10)


Sponsor: Loraine Moore
Pearl Preparatory School
El Monte, California
Local Affiliate: KPCC-FM 89.3
Airtimes: M-F 4:19 am, Sat-Sun 5:18 am
Show will air on: Wednesday, 2004 May 12

All the Small Things
Produced by:
Josh Spiro (age 16)


Sponsor: Zev Spiro
Forest Hills, New York
Local Affiliate: WNYE-FM 91.5
Airtimes: M-F 1:58 pm
Show will air on: Thursday, 2004 May 13

Honorable Mentions

Produced by:
Khanh Nguyen (age 14)
Maria Chen (age 15)

Sponsor: Andrew Rennie
The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ball Lightning
Produced by:
Hannah Burgess (age 16)

Sponsor: Barbara Ridenour
University Laboratory High School
Urbana, Illinois

Dolphin Intelligence
Produced by:
Elsa Corona (age 9)
Secilia Corona (age 11)
(also pictured Delilah Corona)

Sponsor: Fran Koliner
Anderson Valley Elementary School
Boonville, Calinfornia

Causes and Effects of Erosion on Long Island
Produced by:
Kristen Fonte (age 14)
Lauren Hartstein (age 14)

Sponsor: Kimberly Weinreich
Southside High School
Rockville Centre, New York

Wolf Pups
Produced by:
Cheyenne Andel (age 8)
Jenny Choi (age 7)
Elijah Imlay (age 8)

Sponsor: Georgeann Burch
Westview School
Champaign, Illinois

The First Telescope
Produced by:
Kidder Gowen (age 10)
Felicia Sulpazo (age 10)

Sponsor: Amy Stover
South Side Elementary School
Johnson City, Tennessee

How Frogs Drink
Produced by:
Hannah Schlatter (age 15)

Sponsor: Draughon McPherson
Indianola Academy
Indianola, Mississippi

How is the Hole in the Ozone Layer Affecting Reptiles and Amphibians?
Produced by:
Brooke Ackerman (2nd Grade)
Margaret Farrell (2nd Grade)
Evan Moscaritolo (2nd Grade)

Sponsor: Sandra Ferraro
Tracy Elementary School
Easton, Pennsylvania

Produced by:
Victoria Ramirez (age 10)
Mariela Espinoza (age 9)

Sponsor: Sid Frazer
Anderson Valley Elementary School
Boonville, California

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