by Andrew Rennie

(unless otherwise specified)

February 21 Kenya Wilkins
Composer and Musician
The inspiration for her music; the Ephemera Ensemble; her musical training; availability of her compacr discs; descriptions of some of her pieces; and two examples. Preceeded and followed by music by Australians Cyclone Tess (Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko) and Ben Rodgers (Pluto).
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March 14 Ron Woods
former Overseer
Flight Crew Equipment Preparation
Kennedy Space Centre
now Artist
New Hampshire
His life story; parachute rigging in Army; starting at Johnson Space Center; Apollo 1 fire; testing space suits; working for ILC, as spacesuit technician; suiting up astronauts; closeout of lunar module on launch pad; Skylab preparations; three Apollo spacesuits; sewing on crew mission patches; gloves on lunar spacesuits; suiting up Buzz Aldrin; transition from Apollo to Shuttle; ejection seats on Columbia; the Neutral Boyancy Laboratory; zero-G flying; degree in art; painting spacesuits; SpaceFest; Alan Bean; retirement. (Interview by Peter Aylward)
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* Photo: Ron suiting up Buzz Aldrin
* Painting: Lunar boots
* Painting: Apollo suit rack
* Photo: Ron in his art studio
March 28 Igor Rozenberg
Space Association of Australia

John Glenn
former NASA astronaut

The 50th Anniversary of the death of Yuri Gagarin. John Glenn describes his spaceflight experience and jokes about getting old. (Glenn courtesy NASM)
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May 9 Peter Aylward
Space Association of Australia

Michael Davis
Space Industry Association of Australia

Anna Moore
Expert Reference Group
Advanced Instrumentation Technology Centre
Mount Stromlo

Federal Budget 2019. Reactions to the allocation of funding for a National Space Agency and for enhancements to the accuracy of the Global Positioning System.
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May 9 Rick Houston
Book Go Flight - The Unsung Heroes of Mission Control
Associate Producer
Documentary Movie Mission Control - The Unsung Heroes of Apollo
North Carolina

Committee Members
Space Association of Australia

The book; Gene Kranz, Chris Kraft and others in Mission Control; sitting a shift in ISS control; Apollo 13; the challenge of getting past the mythology to the truth of the work of mission controllers.
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Gareth Dodds, Rick Houston and Keith Haviland at the Astor
May 16 Rick Houston
Book Go Flight - The Unsung Heroes of Mission Control
Associate Producer
Documentary Movie Mission Control - The Unsung Heroes of Apollo
North Carolina
Duration of service by Flight Controllers; capsule communicators as interpreters; John Young and Charlie Duke's cases of beer; what got Rick interested in mission control; the genesis of the book; Apollo 11; Gemini 4; finding retired flight controllers and building trust. Also some exerpts from the film and commentary materials.
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Charlie Duke and Rick Houston on stage at the Astor
May 23 Rick Houston
Book Go Flight - The Unsung Heroes of Mission Control
Associate Producer
Documentary Movie Mission Control - The Unsung Heroes of Apollo
North Carolina
Publishing the book and audio book; making the film in 2015; cinema screenings; the Astor Cinema; availability on Netflix; currently working on First Man, a film about Neil Armstrong. Also some exerpts from the film.
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* Listen or download full interview only (42 min 0 s - 40.3 MB)
* Audience watches Q&A at the Astor
* Gerry Griffin, Charlie Duke and event compere Lisa Harvey-Smith
* Gerry Griffin and Charlie Duke with members of the Space Association of Australia.
May 30 Daniel Shaddock
Department of Quantum Science
Research School Of Physics and Engineering
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
The Australian National University
The Grace satellites; his involvement; the laser ranging system; working with JPL and DLR; testing the satellites over the next few months; application of lasers in deep space missions. Began with some audio courtesy of SpaceX.
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June 13 Igor Rozenberg
Space Association of Australia
South Yarra
The Russian connections depicted in the film 2001 : A Space Odyssey. Part of a Space Show documentary marking the 50th anniversary of the release of the film.
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June 27 Akash Arora
PhD Candidate
Australian Centre of Field Robotics
University of Sydney
Extending the autonomous science capabilities of planetary rovers.
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July 11 Amanda Caples
Lead Scientist
Victoria Government
Victoria's bid to host the Australian Space Agency; Victoria's advantages; decision to be made by end of 2018; her role in formulating government policy; her career path.
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July 25 Gabriela Hobbs
Ph.D. Student
Asteroid Mining
University of New South Wales
Using local mines as an analogue for Mars.
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August 1 James Kirby
Undergraduate Student
RMIT University
Rhabdomancer - a proposed mission to prospect for water resources at the lunar south pole. Why the view has changed from a dry Moon to a Moon with dark icy polar craters; design of a hopping lander able to collect multiple samples; use of the mooted Lunar Gateway space station; visit to Florida for judging of the RASC-AL design competition; and his studies at RMIT.
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August 22 Peter Aylward
Space Association of Australia

Michael Abdilla
Space Association of Australia

Developments seen at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Included interviews with Derrick Matthews (Public Affairs Officer, Kennedy Space Center) about launch pad changes and the view from atop the Vehicle Assembly Building.
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View some of the pictures Peter took at KSC.
August 22 Derrick Matthews
Public Affairs Officer
Kennedy Space Center
The changes being made to the historic launch pads that were used for Apollo and Space Shuttle missions. The perspective of the Kennedy Space Center as seen from the roof of the Vehicle Assembly Building. (Interview by Peter Aylward)
Listen or download Pad 39B chat(4 min 34 s - 4.4 MB)
Listen or download VAB roof-top chat (4 min 43 s - 4.5 MB)
August 29 Karl Kruszelnicki
Sydney University
A chat with "Dr. Karl" about the Australian film Living Universe and some of the issues discussed in it. Artificial intelligence, extrasolar planets, nuclear fusion drives, interstellar travel, and the screening at IMAX Melbourne.
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September 5 Tamara Davis
School of Mathematics and Physics
The University of Queensland
Her role as the voice of "Captain Artemis" in the movie Living Universe, and her scientific work on dark energy.
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September 5 Marcus Gillezeau
Living Universe
The documentary feature Living Universe; the genesis of the film; exoplanets; themes of the film; contributions of the experts who appear in the film; choice of the narrators; what he learnt in making the film; the computer generated graphics; and options to see the film.
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