recorded by Andrew Rennie

February 14 Paul Carter
Melbourne University
A Snapshot Of Australia's First Space Programme. Upper atmosphere research; the International Geophysical Year and its impact; the inaction of the Menzies government; women and radar; Woomera and Peter Morton's Fire Across The Desrt; the end of the Long Tom era; the turf war for control of Australian space activities; revenue considerations meant Australia didn't need to do its own effort; the research at the University of Adelaide in the 1960's and 1970's. (Recorded at Melbourne Final Frontier Festival)
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February 28 Andrea Boyd
ISS Flight Controller
European Astronaut Centre
Cologne (ex Adelaide)
Space and Australia (Recorded at Lab 14, Carlton)
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March 7 Lisa Stojanovski
Space Educator
Perth, W.A.
What Is It Really Like To Live In Space? Things you may have wondered about astronauts, and a few things you wish Lisa hadn't mentioned. (Recorded at Melbourne Final Frontier Festival)
* Listen or download (26 min 1 s - 24.5 MB) N.B. The recording has a mains hum due to a fault in the Melbourne University sound system.
* Photo of Lisa
March 21 Adena Silverstein
The role of psychology in space; astronaut selection; how "the right stuff" has changed; windows needed in spacecraft; problems such as boredom and sensory deprivation; noise on the International Space Station; use of psychological questionaires; profiling mood states of individuals and groups; effect of an astronaut's prior experience and culture; supportive factors. (Recorded at Space Association, Elsternwick)
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March 21 Kerrie Dougherty
Space Historian
former Curator
Powerhouse Museum
Space technology that is used on Earth. (Recorded at Final Frontier Festival, Melbourne University)
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Photo of Kerrie
April 4 Andre Kuipers
ESA Astronaut
The Netherlands
His experience on two spaceflights to the International Space Station. (Courtesy ESA)
April 18 John Glenn
former astronaut and senator

Buzz Aldrin
Lunar Module Pilot
Apollo 11

Neil Armstrong
Apollo 11

Their thoughts about the past and future of spaceflight as they mark the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. (Courtesy NASM)
April 25 Christopher Kraft
former Flight Diector
Johnson Space Center
His experiences as a Flight Director during the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions. (Courtesy NASM)