by Andrew Rennie

(unless otherwise specified)

January 22 Peter Hammer & Richard Tonkin
Team Australis Oscar 5
ex Melbourne University
A discussion to mark the 50th anniversary to the launch of the amateur radio satellite Australis Oscar 5. This satellite was built by students at Melbourne University, and, although no longer functional, is still in orbit.
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Richard Tonkin photo (courtesy Melbourne University)
Peter Hammer photo (courtesy Melbourne University)
March 4 Nick Crotty
Collection Manager
Scienceworks Museum
The engineering test model of the Australis Oscar 5 satellite.
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Nick Crotty photo (courtesy Melbourne University)
Nick Crotty (blue shirt) and engineering models photo (courtesy Melbourne University)
March 11 Anthony Murfett
Deputy Head
Australian Space Agency
Victoria and the Space Agency.
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Anthony Murfett photo (courtesy Melbourne University)
March 18 Terry Clark
Operations Manager
Invite A Drone
South Australia
From the time he saw a V1 buzz bomb at age 7 through to his photgraphy work with the Space Industry Association of Australia, Terry tells a ripping tale of: radar; guided missiles; Firestreak; the Gloster Javelin; the flying beadstead; Blue Steel; inertial navigation; setting H-bomb explosions; the Concorde black box; Woomera; Gemini and Lunar Orbiter; the Jindavick; Wresat; the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Programme; the death of Neil Armstrong; and Martin Baker's grandson. Interspersed by the sound of the F-35 and FA-18 doing their aerobatics at the Avalon Airshow.
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March 25 Russell Boyce
UNSW Canberra Space
The M2 Pathfinder satellite and the Buccaneer Risk Mitigation Mission.
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April 15 Fred Haise
Apollo 13 Astronaut and Space Shuttle Test Pilot
Fred chats about his Apollo 13 experience, the causes of the explosion, his view of the Moon, the return to Earth, his work on the Space Shuttle design, test flying the Enterprise, the INFINITY Science Center, and coping with the COVID-19 lockdown. (Interviewer: Peter Aylward)
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April 22 Joe Kerwin
Apollo 13 Capsule Communicator & NASA Representative to Australia
Joe joins a Space Association of Australia discussion and relates his role as Capsule Communicator during the Apollo 13 mission. Also has praise for the Australian space trackers. (Recorded at Space Association of Australia)
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July 1 Susan Scott
Research School of Physics
Australian National University
Mysterious object swallowed by a black hole, and the gravitational waves thus generated.
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July 8 Steve Gower
Chief Executive Officer
CRC for Space Environment Management
Mount Stromlo Observatory
Weston Creek
News report of the loss of the 13th Electron rocket and its payloads, one of which was Faraday 1. Then a chat with Steve about his team's payload on the Faraday 1 satellite; its function and pupose; the aims of the Space Environment Research Centre; the failed M1 Pathfinder satellite; laser ranging and tracking of satellites; the prospects of mitigating the risks of satellite collisions; the feasibility of using lasers to nudge satellites to cause them to decay from orbit; and future efforts to use a Japanese satellite in-lieu of the Faraday 1 experiment.
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September 9 Isobel Romero-Shaw
Monash University
How, on 2019 May 21, the LIGO team detected the collision of a 66 and a 85 solar mass black hole to form one of 142 solar mass. Types of black hole, and how gravitational waves are detected. Why this merger has posed a scientific puzzle.
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