Lunar Science

Compiled, edited and introduced
by Andrew Rennie

A series which brings to your attention the science to be done at the Moon by both unammned missions and the crewed Artemis missions.

If you are after information about the Space Launch System rocket, the Orion spaceship, or the Human Landing System lunar landing vehicle, then look elsewhere.

The following programmes are based on a series of workshops held during 2020, 2021 and 2022 in which the scientific knowledge gaps that need to be filled to achieve the Artemis human missions to the Moon, and the scientific investigations that scientists desire to be done both on the Moon and in the vicinity of the Moon, were discussed.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the participants were talking from their homes and offices, and so the audio quality varies considerably. Some relevant talks were not included because the audio was so dreadful as to make them unlistenable. The talks presented here have been edited to remove most, but not all, "um"s, "err"s, "arhh"s, "so"s, nervous repititions and pauses.

01 Jacob Bleacher, Steve Clarke and Craig Hardgrove. Artemis, CLPS and Luna H-map.
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02 Jacob Bleacher and Clive Neal. Artemis science at the lunar south pole.
Listen or Download (31 min 38 s -30.4 MB)
03 Craig Hargrove, Bethany Ehlmann, John Keller, Mehdi Benna, Anthony Colaprete, Daniel Moriarty and Mike Barker. CLPS, Luna H-map, Lunar Trailblazer, Halos, LEMS, VIPER, AEGIS and Moonba Microrover.
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04 James Head, Juliane Gross, Chip Shearer, Chiara Ferrari-Wong and Judy Allton. Apollo lunar samples.
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05 Harrison Schmitt, Renee Weber and Sheyna Gifford. Exploration mission requirements for Artemis.
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06 Gerard Sanders, Mike Provenzano, Aileen Yinst, Walter Johnson and Chris Koehler. Resource knowledge gaps, CLPS, Cube Rover, Heimdall Camera System, GLEE.
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07 Paul Hayne, Pam Clark, Sarah Noble, Simone Dell'Agnello, Jason Mazilis and Brad Bailey. CLPS, Polar Night Vision, Lunar Flashlight, Lunar Ice Cube, Luna H-map, VIPER, MoonLIGHT, Lunar Exocam.
Listen or Download (31 min 50 s - 30.6 MB)
08 Harrison Schmitt and James Head. Apollo Science Room.
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09 Anthony Colaprete, Clive Neal and Robert Staehle. CLPS, VIPER, strategic volatile resources.
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10 Martin Bergeron, James Carpenter and Masaki Jujumoto. LEAP, ESA Lunar Science, Prospect, Omotenshi, SLIM, Selene-R, Toyota Pressurised Rover, DUET.
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11 Moon Village Panel. Moon medicine.
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12 Moon Village Panel. Mining and Robotics.
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13 Harlan Spence, Sharmila Bhattacharya, Anirudha Dixit, Ian Mann, Yairesk Collado-Vega and Gail Iles. Radiation and Astronauts, SWEPT, RADICAL-S.
Listen or Download (38 min 5 s - 36.5 MB)
14 Jacob Bleacher, Julie Robinson, Renee Weber, James Head and Jack Burns. Artemis Science Objectives.
Listen or Download (29 min 6 s - 27.9 MB)
15 Julie Robinson, Jacob Bleacher and Kevin Sato. Early Artemis Science.
Listen or Download (31 min 20 s - 30.1 MB)
16 Stuart Bale, Alexander Hegedus, Bethany Ehlman, Lori Glaze and Brad Bailey. CLPS, LuSEE, SunRISE, Lunar Trailblazer.
Listen or Download (24 min 50 s - 23.8 MB)
17 Michael Evans, Michael Zanetti, Deanne Rogers, Kevin Cannon, David Kring, Jacob Richardson and Seiichi Nagihara. Gandalf's Staff, Navigation and Cartography Knapsack, Infrared Spectral Imager, Snow Badger, subsurface surveys, magnetic surveys, heat flow probes.
Listen or Download (33 min 59 s - 32.6 MB)
18 Amy Fagan, Marshall Smith and James Head. Lunar Exploration Roadmap, Human Exploration and Operations, Farside Landing.
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19 John Bussey, Abdul Masoud, Nikolai Zarkevich, Ryan McCormick, Nathan Howard and Ben Greenhagen. Lunar regolith simulant, cerametals, energy generation, COLDArm, Lunar Terrain Vehicle, Lunar Orbital Capabilities.
Listen or Download (28 min 14 s - 27.1 MB)
20 Samuel Lawrence, Jacob Bleacher, Peter Anto Johnson, Laurie Abadie and David Draper. Lunar foothold, Artemis Basecamp, lunar lava tubes, human research program, destiny of humanity.
Listen or Download (33 min 36 s - 32.3 MB)
21 Ernie Bell, Cynthia Evans, Slava Turyshev, Gary Ruff and Francis Chiaramonte. Geophysics, Geolab, fundamental physics research, flamable materials, lunar research gaps.
Listen or Download (37 min 20 s - 35.8 MB)
22 Heidi Hammel, Neil Bassett, Mason Bell and Jan Harms. Astrophysics and Astronmy and the Moon.
Listen or Download (30 min 10 s - 20.0 MB)
23 John Rummel, Andy Spry, Anthony Colaprete and Amanda Hendrix. Planetary protection.
Listen or Download (32 min 56 s - 31.6 MB)
24 James Head, Harrison Schmitt, Jacob Bleacher and David Kring. Apollo experience has lessons for Artemis.
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25 Harlan Spence, Leon Golub, Bill Patterson, Andre Runov and James Spann. Space Weather, HERMES, THEMIS, ARTEMIS.
Listen or Download (38 min 4 s - 36.6 MB)
26 Harrison Schmitt, Carlé Pieters, Brad Joliff, Kirby Runyon, Daniel Moriarty and Steve Durst. The South Pole - Aitken Basin.
Listen or Download (41 min 31 s - 39.9 MB)
27 James Head, Mike Seibert, Noah Petro, Clive Neal, Michael Evans, Julie Mitchell. Six Questions - Samples and Curation.
Listen or Download (33 min 27 s - 32.3 MB)
28 James Head, David Carrier and Noah Petro. Apollo's Lessons.
Listen or Download (36 min 29 s - 35.0 MB)
29 Parvathy Prem, Margaret Landis, Paul Lucey, Caleb Fassett, Julie Mitchell and Tim Livengood. Volatiles.
Listen or Download (31 min 1 s - 29.8 MB)
30 Jacob Bleacher and Sarah Noble. Artemis Town Hall 2022.
Listen or Download (28 min 59 s - 27.8 MB)
31 Renee Weber and James Head. Lunar Seismology.
Listen or Download (34 min 33 s - 33.2 MB)
32 Carlé Pieters, Gail Iles, David Blewett, Vishnu Viswanathan, Dina Bower, Mary Wilhelm, Lindsay Aitchison and Ben Bussey. Special areas of the Moon, magnetic anomalies, lunar swirls, retroreflectors, CLuHMI, Lipid Biomarkers, Earth sccience.
Listen or Download (35 min 9 s - 33.8 MB)
33 Joel Kearns, Caitlin Ahrens, Julie Kleinhenz, Myriam Lamelin and Pascal Lee. Exploration Science, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, Amundsen Crater permanently shadowed regions, lunar water, science in extreme environments.
Listen or Download (25 min 2 s - 24.0 MB)
34 Harrison Schmitt, Catherine Elder and James Head. Lunar Volcanism, formation of the Moon, Ina, pyroclastic craters, space weathering of glass.
Listen or Download (24 min 18 s - 23.3 MB)
35 James Head, Carlé Pieters. Apollo chronology, Moon's properties and geology.
Listen or Download (24 min 35 s - 28.4 MB)
36 Brian O'Brien. Lunar Dust.
Listen or Download (27 min 16 s - 26.2 MB)
37 Ryan Watkins, Harrison Schmitt, Ron Creel and Joel Levine. Lunar Dust, Brian O'Brien, dust mitigation, Lunar Roving Vehicles, laser retroreflectors, dust knowledge gaps.
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38 Joel Levine, Ron Creel, Michael Johansen, S Jarmak and Christine Hartzell. Lunar Dust, Brian O'Brien, Apollo dust lessons, mitigation strategies, modelling dust accumulation, dust-plasma interactions.
Listen or Download (32 min 41 s - 31.4 MB)
39 Harrison Schmitt, Jorge Núñez, Ben Greenhagen, Colby Merril, Gene Wallace and Sharon Miller. Lunar Dust, layered defence, mitigation technology, Lunar Surface Innovation Initiative, Gecko Skin Lint Roller, liquid nitrogen, passive techniques.
Listen or Download (32 min 33 s - 31.3 MB)
40 Timothy Livengood, Caleb Fassett, Marshall Eubanks, Thomas Walters, Emerson Speyerer, Seiichi Nagihara, Dan Moriarty and Max Robinson. Where to go? Geologically neutral site, nanotectonic Dorsa Aldrovandi, active tectonics, Korolov cluster, new impact craters, Mare Crisium, Mons Malapert, Ina.
Listen or Download (33 min 18 s - 32.0 MB)
41 Emerson Speyerer, Lizeth Magaña and Noah Petro. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, lunar south pole, crater production, regolith overturn, surface ice identifications, future of the LRO.
Listen or Download (29 min 2 s - 27.9 MB)
42 Harlan Spence, Rebecca Ghent and Noah Petro. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, cosmic rays, Diviner, future of LRO.
Listen or Download (23 min 54 s - 23.0 MB)
43 Mihaly Horanyi, Jeffrey Gillis-Davis and Joel Levine. Cause of Lunar Dust, LADEE, space weathering, impact on human exploration.
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44 Craig Kundrot, Lindsey Hays, Noah Petro and Sharmila Bhattacharya. Space biology, astrobiology, Artemis 3, lunar biology.
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45 Sharmila Bhattacharya, Nate Szewczyk, Kathryn Bywaters and Jessica Lee. Space biology stressors, worms, microbes, Soteria.
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46 Michael Delp, Steven Platts and Jon Rask. Space biology, cardiovascular health, human research goals, chemical reactivity of regolith.
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47 Sergio Santa Maria, Robert Heinse, Chris McKay, John Kiss and Pamela Clark. Space Biology, BioSentinel, soil moisture, Lunar Plant Experiment, effect of gravity, LARGE.
Listen or Download (27 min 1 s - 25.9 MB)
48 Oscar Monje, Bruce Link, Ralph Fritsche and Cynthia Evans. Space biology, lettuce, crop production, astronaut training.
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49 Gerard Sanders, Parvathy Prem and Marni Rosenthal. ISRU challenges, BECA, environmental impact, water release during EVA.
Listen or Download (25 min 47 s - 24.8 MB)
50 Gerard Sanders and Leslie Gertsch. ISRU excavation and processing, OASIS, development plan, water ice extraction.
Listen or Download (30 min 3 s - 28.9 MB)
51 Jennifer Edmunson, Raymond Clinton, Joan Lynam, Geoffrey Licciardello and Alan Whittington. ISRU, construction materials processing, advance manufacturing, urea as superplasticiser, pyrolysis of regolith, bricks.
Listen or Download (35 min 44 s - 34.3 MB)
52 Marshall Eubanks, Jacob Bleacher, Kathy Lueders, Aileen Yingst and Lisa Pratt. Long wave radio, rovers and habitats, developing exploration capabilities, robotic arms on Mars, planetary protection research.
Listen or Download (39 min 7 s - 37.6 MB)
53 Kristen John, James Head and Harrison Schmitt. Dust mitigation, Apollo game-changing findings, lunar settlement, where to explore?
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54 Jacob Bleacher, Michael Evans, James Spann, Jorge Núñez and Jim Bridenstein. Lunar Gateway, payload science selection and procedures, heliophysics, identifying lunar samples.
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