compiled by Andrew Rennie

The Space Show went on air on the Sunday after Easter, 1991 April 7. Full records of interviews, lectures and documentary features were not kept until near the end of 1991, so this page may not be 100% complete.

April 7The Gamma Ray ObservatoryThe launch of STS 37 carrying the Gamma Ray Observatory. The scientific objective of the observatory.
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April 7The Flight of Vostok 1A celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the first manned spaceflight by Yuri Gagarin aboard Vostok 1. (Prepared and presented by Mark Hillyer)
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April 14Space Shuttle Tenth AnniversaryA report on the Space Shuttle's ten years, and on the STS 37 mission to launch the Gamma Ray Observatory.
May 12Mercury 3Thirtieth Anniversary of the first manned American space flight, by Alan Shepard aboard Marcury 3.
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May 19Gathering of PlanetsAn examination of the conjunction of planets.
Sep 8Star Trek SpecialAn examination of the "Star Trek" phenomenon. Included interviews with studio guests Greg Franklin (SF fan), Diane Marchant (Australian Star Trek Welcommittee representative), and Wynne Whiteford (Science Fiction author).
* Photo: From left: Greg Franklin (SF fan), Diane Marchant (Australian Star Trek Welcommittee representative), Geoff Allshorn (Space Show Presenter), and Wynne Whiteford (Science Fiction author) (Photo courtesy Geoff Allshorn)
* Photo: Guests and Space Show production crew, Moorabbin (Photo courtesy Geoff Allshorn)
Oct 20Astronomy Week SpecialA special programme for Astronomy Week