compiled by Andrew Rennie

January 4 Space Music A variety of music with a space theme to start the year.
January 11 Stardust Return To Earth - Episode One An examination of the Stardust mission as it approached the Earth at the end of its seven year voyage to collect stellar and cometay material.
January 18 Stardust Return To Earth - Episode Two Coverage of the return of the Stardust spacecraft to earth. Included recording of NASA's live commentary of the return.
Janaury 18 New Horizons Launch Attempt Covergae of this morning's postponed attempt to launch the New Horizons spacecraft to Pluto.
January 25 Launch of New Horizons Commentary of the successful launch of the New Horizons spacecraft to Pluto.
Janauary 25 The Leap Second An explanation of why a leap second was inserted in our day on January 1 at 11 a.m. (AEDT) this year.
February 1 New Horizons Mission An overview of the New Horizons spacecraft now enroute to Pluto.
February 1 The STS 107 Mission A commemoration of the ill fated final flight of Space Shuttle Columbia. Concentrated on the day-by-day achievements of this science mission.
February 8 Roving Mars Episode 73 The past month's activities on Mars.
February 16 Kliper European interest in a proposed Russian manned spacecraft. (Courtesy ESA)
February 22 Role Of Launch Services Feature in which those involved in preparing the New Hrizons spacecraft for launch describe their roles. (Courtesy NASA)
March 1 European Robotic Arm European arm built for International Space Station. Comments by astronaut Andre Kuipers. (Courtesy ESA)
March 1 Moon, Mars and Beyond - Programme 20 Submissions made to the United States President's Commission for Moon, Mars and Beyond. How military research can support the initiative. Testimony by: Colonel Joseph Boyle, Associate Director, Propulsion Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Dayton, Ohio; Colonel Mike Leahy, Director of Air Vehicles, Air Force Research Laboratory, Dayton, Ohio; and Colonel William McCasland, Director of Space Vehicles, Air Force Research Laboratory, Dayton, Ohio. (Audio inserts courtesy Moon-Mars Commission).
March 8 Roving Mars Episode 74 The past month's activities on Mars, and the approach to Mars of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
March 8 Moon, Mars and Beyond - Programme 21 Submissions made to the United States President's Commission for Moon, Mars and Beyond. How the aerospace industry can support the initiative. testimony by: Michael Mott, Vice President and General Manager, The Boeing Company; Jeff Harris, Vice President, Strategic Management, Information Systems Division, Lockheed Martin; and Graig Stresinch, Northrop Grumman. (Audio inserts courtesy Moon-Mars Commission).
March 15 Water On Enceladus The significance of the finding by the Cassini spacecraft that Saturn's moon Enceladus is geologically active and may have liquid water. (Courtesy NASA)
March 15 Arrival Of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter At The Red Planet The events that led to the placement of MRO into martian orbit. (Courtesy Jane Platt, JPL)
March 15 Solar Storm Warning An unprecedented warning of expected activity on the Sun. (Courtesy NASA)
March 22 Everyday Life On Mars What is was like to live in one of the Mars Society's Mars Analogue Research Stations. (Courtesy Mars Society)
March 29 Next Stop Venus Preparations for the Venus Express mission, and how it built on the heritage of the Mars Express spacecraft. (Courtesy ESA)
March 29 Venus Mysteries The known facts about Venus, and the mysteries that it is hoped the Venus Express spacecraft will solve. (Courtesy ESA)
March 29 Solar Eclipses Solar eclipses and how humans have studied them for millenia. (Courtesy NASA)
April 5 Dark Rings Of Jupiter Findings of the Galileo spacecraft about the rings of Jupiter. (Courtesy NASA)
April 5 Lightning in Saturn's Atmosphere The "sounds" of lightning in Saturn's atmosphere as recorded from radio signals received by the Cassini spacecraft.
April 5 Arrival Of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter At The Red Planet The events in mission control as the MRO was place in orbit around Mars. Included comments by many involved in the project.
April 5 Venus Riddles How Venus compares to the other three inner planets, and some of the riddles about Venus that the Venus Express is aimed at solving.
April 12 Roving Mars Episode 75 The fortnight's activities on Mars.
April 19 Earth and Venus Examined the similarities and differences between the Earth and Venus, and looked at the mission of the Venus Express spacecraft. (Courtesy ESA)
April 26 String Of Pearls Comet A fragmented comet about to become visble to amatuer astronomers. (Courtesy NASA)
April 26 A Walk In The Clouds Description of the Cloudsat and Calypso spacecraft made just minutes before their expected launch. (Courtesy Jane Platt, JPL)
May 3 Scott Crossfield To mark his death, a celebration of the life of test pilot Scott Crossfield, focussing on his time at Edwards Air Force Base and the X-15 development.
May 3 CALIPSO and CloudSat The missions of these two Earth observation satellites.
May 3 Lightning Crackles on Saturn The Cassini spacecraft's observations of electrical storms in Saturn's atmosphere. (Courtesy Jane Platt, JPL)
May 3 Enceledus The Cassini spacecraft's plasma wave recordings in the vicinity of Saturn's moon Enceledus.
May 3 International Space Station Expedition 13 Description of the crew of the thirteenth crew of the International Space Station.
May 10 Roving Mars Episode 76 The past month's activities on Mars.
May 10 Eileen Collins Celebration of the career with NASA of four times Shuttle Pilot/Commander Eileen Collins. Included musical tribute to her.
May 10 Venus Express and Venus A look at the planet Venus. Beginning with a report on the launch of the Venus Express spacecraft, the feature then moved on to describing the planet and the mysteries it is hoped the spacecraft will solve. Also how amateur astronomers could get involved. (Courtesy ESA)
May 17 TOPEX/Poseidon The achievements of the U.S. and French satellite TOPEX/Posiedon as it nears the end of its mission. (Courtesy Jane Platt, JPL)
May 17 Pulsars New findings have been made about pulsars by the Spitzer Space Telescope. (Courtesy, NASA)
May 17 The Herschel Infrared Space Telescope. Infrared astronomy and the new European space telescope's work. (Courtesy ESA)
May 17 Stardust Findings A report on the preliminary findings of the Stardust mission which returned particles of cometary and interstellar material to Earth. (Courtesy NPR)
May 24 Terrestrial Planet Finder The search for Earth-like extra-solar planets. (Courtesy NASA)
May 24 Vulcanism on Venus The events that have shaped the surface of Venus, and the search for active vulcanism by the Venus Express spacecraft. (Courtesy ESA)
May 24 The GOES N spacecraft Description of the weather satellite and its scientific objectives.
May 31 Venus Express Orbit Insertion Replay of the ESA covergae of the insertion of the Venus Express into orbit around Venus, and discussion of how the spacecraft gathers data and sends it to Earth. (Courtesy ESA)
May 31 The Sun-Earth Connection An examination of the Sun and its storms, and how they can affect the Earth. (Courtesy NASA)
May 31 Hydrogen Fuel Progress towards using hydrogen as a fuel in cars and trucks. (Courtewsy NASA)
June 7 Roving Mars Episode 77 The past month's activities on Mars.
June 14 Roving Mars Episode 78 The past week's activities on Mars.
June 14 The STEREO mission How the twin Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory spacecraft will be lauched, their trajectories into heliocentric orbit, and their mission to study coronal mass ejection from the Sun in three dimensions.
June 21 Roving Mars Episode 79 The past week's activities on Mars.
June 28 Venus Express Data Gathering A description of how Venus Express makes use of spectral windows to see the surface of Venus. (Courtesy ESA)
July 5 STS 121 Launch Coverage of this morning's countdown and launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery.
July 12 Roving Mars Episode 80 The past month's activities on Mars.
July 12 STS 121 Coverage of the ongoing flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery to the International Space Station.
July 19 Roving Mars Episode 81 The past week's activities on Mars.
July 19 STS 121 The landing of the Space Shuttle Discovery.
July 26 STS 121 Events aboard Discovery during the STS 121 mission.
July 26 Cassini at Saturn Recent findings by the Cassini spacecraft as it orbits Saturn. (Courtesy Jane Platt, Public Affairs Officer, JPL)
July 26 Venus Express Manoeuvres Preparations which were made in mission control for the insertion into orbit around Venus of the Venus Express. (Courtesy ESA)
August 2 Venus Express Navigation How Venus Express was navigated from Earth to Venus. (Courtesy ESA)
August 2 Rosetta Comet Chaser How Rosetta, already enroute, will approach and land on a comet in 2014. (Courtesy ESA)
August 9 Searching For Life On Mars The search by the Mars Express spacecraft for evidence that might indicate where life might once have existed on Mars. (Courtesy ESA)
August 9 Tracking and Communicating with Venus Express How tracking stations in Spain and Australia are being used to track and communicate with the European Space Agency's Venus Express spacecraft as it orbit Venus. (Courtesy ESA)
August 16 Sounds and Flames In Space What it sounds like aboard the Space Shuttle, and how flames burn in microgravity conditions. (Courtesy NASA)
August 16 The ESA Mission Control Centre A visit to the Control Centre in Darmstadt, Germany, with empahsis on their role in the Venus Express mission. (Coutesy ESA)
August 16 The Rosetta Mission An overview of the spacecraft on its way to explore a comet. (Courtesy ESA)
August 23 Helios Sonifications How Roberto Morales Manzanares is taking the data stream from the Solar Energetic Particles instuments aboard the Helios 1 and Helios 2 spacecraft, which are in heliocentric orbit, and converting the data to music.
August 23 STEREO Mission Overview A description of the twin STEREO spacecraft that will be launched into heliocentric orbit to study the Sun. (Courtesy NASA)
August 23 Preparations For The Launch Of STEREO Chuck Dovale and Omar Baez describe events that will occur when the STEREO mission is launched. (Courtesy NASA)
August 23 ISS Viewing Explanation of how and when to see the International Space Station from Melbourne.
August 30 Nine - er - Eight Planets The decision to reclassify Pluto as a result of a new definition of the word "planet".
August 30 Microgravity Experimentation How scientific investigations are conducted in microgravity conditions aboard the Space Shuttle. (Courtesy NASA)
September 6 SMART 1 The work of the SMART 1 solar-electric propelled spaceraft in orbit around the Moon. (Courtesy ESA)
September 13 Grannular Materials In Space The physics of granular materials in microgravity consitions. (Courtesy NASA)
September 13 Roving Mars Episode 82 The past month's activities on Mars, and the search for water on Mars.
September 20 STS 115 Coverage of the flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis to the International Space Station. Included live commentary of the spectacular passgae of the Atlantis and ISS over Melbourne as the two flew in formation across our western twilight sky.
September 20 Rosetta The plans for the Rosetta spacecraft to study a comet. (Courtesy ESA)
September 27 STS 115 and Soyuz TMA-9 Coverage of the landing of Space Shuttle Atlantis, and the launch of Soyuz TMA-9 to the ISS.
October 4 Soyuz TMA-9 / Soyuz TMA-8 Description of the docking of Soyuz TMA-9 with spaceflight participant Ansari and Expedition 14 crew at the International Space Station. Included commnetary from Korolov Control Centre in Moscow, and press conference from aboard ISS. Landing of Soyuz TMA-8 with returning Expedition 13 crew and Ansari.
October 11 STS 115 Post landing press conference. (Courtesy NASA)
October 11 STEREO An overview of the STEREO Mission to study the Sun. (Courtesy NASA, ABC Radio WA)
October 18 STEREO The orbits of the the twin STEREO spacecraft as they head out to heliocentric orbit. (Courtesy NASA, ABC Radio WA)
October 11 Roving Mars Episode 83 The past month's activities on Mars.
October 18 Optus D1 Coverage of the October 16 launch of an Ariane 5 from Kourou with Australia's Optus D1, the USA's DirecTV and Japan's LDREX satellites. Included comments by Optus' Gordon Pike.
October 18 Roving Mars Episode 84 The past week's activities on Mars.
October 25 STEREO Final preparations for the launch of the solar study twin spacecraft. (Courtesy NASA, ABC Radio WA)
October 25 The Life Of A Galaxy How the Spitzer Space Telescope and the Galaxy Evolution Explorer satellites are revealing new details about galaxies. (Coutesy Jane Platt, JPL)
October 25 LCROSS Plans to crash a spacecraft into the Moon in 2008 to try to detect water. (Courtesy NASA)
November 1 STEREO Launch Coverage of the launch of the twin STEREO spacraft on a mission to study the Sun. Included commentary from Mike Falleen at the Delta Telemetry Station.
November 8 Transit of Mercury Details and times of tomorrow's transit of Mercury, methods to observe it, and dates of future transits.
November 8 Hinode A description of Japan's Hinode satellite, formerly known as Solar B. (Courtesy NASA)
November 8 Planet Quest Plans for the Kepler space telescope to search for planets after its launch in 2008. (Courtesy Jo Pitesky, JPL)
November 29 Roving Mars Episode 85 The past month's activities on Mars.
November 29 Is the Moon Still Alive? New findings about what appear to be very young craters on the Moon. (Courtesy NASA)
November 29 Cassini Flies Past Titan An update on a recent flyby of Saturn's moon Titan, during which the Cassini spacecraft discovered a lake. (Courtesy Todd Barber, JPL)
November 29 STS 116 Countdown Dress Rehersal Description of the arrival of the STS 116 Discovery crew at the Kennedy Space Center for a launch rehersal. (Courtesy KSC)
December 6 Roving Mars Episode 86 The past week''s activities on Mars.
December 13 The Celsius Mission The role of Swedish astronaut Christer Fugelsang in the Celsius mission (ESA's involvement in the STS 116 mission to the ISS).
December 13 STS 116 Launch Coverage of the launch of STS 116 Discovery to the International Space Station, and of the first days of the mission.
December 20 STS 116 Flight Coverage of the STS 116 Discovery's flight to the International Space Station, and of the spacewalks and construction activities at the ISS.
December 27 STS 116 Landing The landing of Space Shuttle Discovery after its visit to the Intenational Space Station.
December 27 Apollo 8 Feature for anniversary of landing of Apollo 8 after orbiting the Moon.