by Andrew Rennie

(unless otherwise specified)

January 5 Joe Veverka
Principal Investigator
Cornell University
New York
How the Stardust spacecraft, rebadged as Stardust-NEXT, will visit Comet Temple 1. This comet was the original target of the Deep Impact spacecraft. (Courtesy Gay Yee Hill, JPL)
January 20 Ed Weiler
Associate Administrator
Science Mission Directorate
Washington, D.C.
Comments after the 2010 November 5 flyby of the Deep Impact spacecraft of Comet Hartley 2 as part of the craft's EPOXI mission. (Courtesy Gay Yee Hill. JPL)
February 23 William Burochi
Principal Investigator
Ames Research Center

Jack Lissauer
Ames Research Center

Jack Morrissey
Kepler Working Group member

The objectives of the Kepler mission to search for extrasolar planets. (Courtesy Jessie Carpenter, ARC)
February 23 Pete Nickolenko
STS 131 Launch Director
Kennedy Space Center
Family and public involvement in the final space shuttle missions.
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March 09 Stewart Gangell
Space Association of Australia
His experience viewing the launch of STS 133 from a boat in the Banana River near Port Canaveral.
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March 16 Peter Aylward
Membership Secretary
Space Association of Australia
Invitation for listeners to join in Yuri's Night celebrations on 2011 April 12, to mark the 50th anniversary of the first human spaceflight.
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March 16 Glen Nagel
Media Liason
Deep Space Network
The Messenger spacecraft and Tidbinbill'a prime role during Friday's orbit insertion burn to place the interplanetary spacraft into orbit around the planet Mercury.
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March 23 Naomi Mathers
Programme Developer
Victorian Space Science Education Centre
Events planned at the Centre for Yuri's Night, a celebration of Yuri Gagarin's space flight aboard Vostok 1 on 1961 April 12. Also the educational activities at the Victorian Space Science Education Centre
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April 13 Becky Voskoboinik
Southern FM

former Engineer

Her memories of Yuri Gagarin's space flight aboard Vostok 1 and Valentine Tereskova's aboard Vostok 6.
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April 20 Susan Cliff
Space Harmonic
Description of the children's show "Space Harmonic", which is to be performed in July.
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May 18 Angelo Di Grazia
Space Association of Australia
His experience viewing the landing of STS 132 at the Kennedy Space Center.
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May 18 Gene Feldman
Goddard Space Flight Center
The now completed 13 year mission of the SeaWiFS satellite. (Courtesy GSFC)
June 1 Buzz Aldrin
Former Astronaut
How Australia can support the space programme. (See Pictures)
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June 1 John Grunsfeld
former NASA Astronaut
Deputy Director
Space Telescope Science Institute
His views on Obama's space policy to send astronauts to asteroids.(Read Diary)
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June 1 Bill Nye
("The Science Guy")
Vice President
The Planetary Society
A snippet of his comments on importance of asteroids as goal for human exploration.
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June 1 Nancy Evans
Director of Sales
Marriott's Fairfield Inn and Suites
Speaking as a private citizen and not as a representative of her employer, her reaction to President Obama's space policy speech made the day before at the Kennedy Space Center. The likely impact on Titusville of the policy.
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June 8 Robert Zubrin
Mars Society
His views on President Obama's space policy, and how we might get humans to Mars. (Courtesy MSA)
June 15 Jeffrey Hangst
Creating and trapping antimatter. (Courtesy E&S)
June 22 Louise Proctor
Project Scientist
The early findings from the Messenger spacecraft as it approached Mercury. (Courtesy APL)
July 27 Adrian Brown
Research Scientist
Ames Research center
Mountain View
The Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity, its mission, landing site selection and his role at the SETI Institute.
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August 24 Hideyuki Majima
Principal Investigator
Vice Dean, Professor and Chairman
Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences
His experiment, flown aboard STS 131 to the International Space Station, to investigate the biological effects of space radiation and microgravity on mamalian cells.
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August 31 Peter Aylward
Membership Secretary
Space Association of Australia, Inc
His meeting and conversation with former NASA Astronaut Neil Armstrong (Gemini 8 and Apollo 11).
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October 5 Brian Schmidt
Australian National University
His work in the discovery of the accelerating rate of the universal expansion and the dark energy that presumably causes it, and the Nobel Prize in Physics that has been awarded because of it. (Courtesy RN)
October 5 Morris Jones
Writer and space analyst
The Tiangong 1 space station and the Shenzhou flights that are expected to dock with it.
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October 12 Joy Hinterding
Her Earth Star artwork at the Star Voyager exhibition at the Australian Centre For The Moving Image, in which hydrogen alpha images of the solar chromosphere are shown. Correction: Hydrogen alpha has a wavelength of 659.3 nm, which is in the visble light and NOT ultraviolet part of the spectrum.
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October 19 Dan and Dominique Angelero
Sydney and Berlin
As Soda Jerk they have a four channel installation on Afrofuturism at the Star Voyager exhibition at the Australian Centre For The Moving Image.
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October 26 Andrew Dantzler
Civil Programs Manager
Applied Physics Laboratory
Johns Hopkins University
Current NASA planetary missions. (Courtesy JHU)
November 16 Elizabeth Hayes
Fermi Gamma Ray Telescope
Goddard Space Flight Center
The Fermi satellite observes blazars. (Courtesy GSFC)
December 7 Andrea Farmer
Public Relations Manager
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
A tour of the kennedy Space Center and its visitor complex. The IMAX cinema, Shuttle Launch Experience and bus tours to the launch pads, the Saturn 5 building and Internation Space Station centre. Also the Astronaut Hall of Fame in Titusville.
(Read Florida Diary and see pictures)
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December 14 Sarah Tutton
Star Voyager
Australian Centre for the Moving Image
A walk around tour of the "Star Voyager" exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. Exhibition has a mix of actual space artifacts and movies, science fiction movies and space themed artworks.
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December 21 Kerrie Dougherty
Space technology
Powerhouse Museum
The experiential Space Station exhibit - its conception, its objectives and visitor reactions to it.
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December 21 Colonel Romandonia (Retired, USAF)
Tour Guide
Warbirds Air Museum
Description of the Warbirds Air Museum and its activities.
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