compiled by Andrew Rennie

January 2 Space Music A programme of songs about space exploration.
January 9 Summer Science Fiction Childhood's End - Ep1.
January 9 The Chandra Difference Why observations by the Chandra X-ray Observatory satellite are different from those of other telescopes. (Courtesy CXO)
January 16 Curiosity Update Recent activity by the Mars Science Laboratory. (Courtesy JPL)
January 16 Summer Science Fiction Childhood's End - Ep 2.
January 23 Curiosity Update Recent activity by the Mars Science Laboratory. (Courtesy JPL)
January 23 Summer Science Fiction Childhood's End - Ep 3.
January 23 ESA 3013 The planned activities of the European Space Agency for this year. (Courtesy ESA)
January 30 Summer Science Fiction Childhood's End - Ep 4.
January 30 Asteroid 2012 DA14 How this asteroid will pass close by us next month. (Courtesy MSFC)
February 20 Bella Gaia An explanation by Kenji Williams of his multimedia show "Bella Gaia" followed by a performance of his music.
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January 23 Curiosity Update Recent activity by the Mars Science Laboratory. (Courtesy JPL)
February 27 Australian International Aerospace Congress 2013 The opening speeches and interviews from the Melbourne Convention Centre.
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February 27 Asteroid Explodes over Russia What is known about the astreoid that exploded above a Russian city. (Courtesy MSFC)
March 6 Avalon 2013 From the 2013 Avalon Airshow and Australian International Aerospace Congress the sounds of the show, a detailed description of the F-35 Joint Strike Force Fighter project and the COSPAS-Sarsat rescue system.
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March 20 Curiosity Exits Safe Mode The computer upset that forced Curiosity into a temporary safe mode. Also the results of the chemical analysis of a rock at Yellowknife.
March 20 LRO and GRAIL The findings of the observations by the ultraviolet spectrometer aboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter as the two GRAIL spacecraft, Ebb and Flow, were deliberately crashed into a lunar mountain. Also a look how the GRAIL and LRO missions dovetailed.
March 27 Early Rocketry In Germany A 1959 conversation between Wernher von Braun and Willy Ley about their involvement in the German Rocket Society and rocketry from its inception until the end or World War 2.
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April 3 HyShot Genesis The early Hyshot flights are described by Susan Anderson, a former member of Queensland University's HyShot team. A brief look at the plans for future HyShot tests of hypersonic scramjet engines. Based on a lecture given to the Australian Space Research Institute, Adelaide. (Recorded at ASRI, Adelaide)
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* Listen or download lecture only (37 min 9 s - 35.3 MB)
April 10 Australia's Satellite Utilisation Policy A detailed examination of Australia's Satellite utilisation Policy, released April 9. Included TV news report, speech by Senator Kate Lundy, and an analysis by Andrew Rennie.
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April 10 Pioneer 11 Marking the 40th anniversary of the launch of Pioneer 11 on a voyage that took it through the asteroid belt, past the planets Jupiter and Saturn, and on out of the Solar System.
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NOTE: Error at start - should be 40th anniversary.
April 10 New Planck Findings Challenge Big Bang Theory How the observation by the Planck satellite of large scale anomalies in the cosmic microwave background radiation may alter the Big Bang theory of the early universe. (Courtesy ESA)
April 10 AIDA Plans for the Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment mission to asteroid Didymos.
April 17 Curiosity Update Analysing the composition of rocks and sampling the atmosphere for isotopes of argon. (Courtesy JPL)
April24 Giant Magellan Telescope Naomi Mathers (Industry Liaison Engineer, ANU Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Mt Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatories, The Australian National University, Canberra) takes The Space Show on an unofficial guided tour of Australia's contribution to the Giant Magellan Telescope.
* Listen or download (15 min 25 s - 14.0 MB)
* PICTURE: Dr. Mathers discusses the Giant Magellan Telescope
April 24 Solar Flux Ropes The cause of coronal mass ejections and the recent discovery by the Solar Dynamics Observatory of solar flux ropes.
May 1 Rhea Seddon - Then and Now Thirty years ago this week astronaut Rhea Seddon came to town. At that time she had not flown in space. Eventually she flew three times on the Space Shuttle (STS 51-D, STS 40 and STS 58.) With Kate Doolan (author, "Fallen Astronauts") we discuss the events of the past three decades.
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May 8 Proba V and Proba 2 The mission objective of the 2009 satellite Proba 2 and the launch pending Proba V satellite. (Courtesy ESA)
May 8 Telstar 2 Marking the 50th anniversary of the launch of Telstar 2.
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May 15 Curiosity Update Curiosity has passed Mars conjuction and is back at work.
May 22 Chris Hadfield's Space Oddity The story of how Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield collaborated with fellow Canadian Emm Gryner to perform David Bowie's "Space Oddity".
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May 29 Why Study Sky In Xray Light The use of the Chandra Xray Observatory to study the universe. (Courtesy CXO)
May 29 Saturn's Aurora How the Hubble Space Telescope has been studying the auroral emissions from Saturn's poles. (Courtesy ESA)
May 29 Food and Satellites European Space Agency satellites helping monitor food growing areas of the world and leading to improved food supplies. (Courtesy ESA)
May 29 Satellite Observations for Weather and Climate Prediction How satellite observations are being used to modify the computer models used to predict the weather and climate.
June 5 Paoli's Soyuz Launch Experience Italian astronaut Paoli Nespoli describes the preparations for and launch aboard Soyuz TMA-20 as he comments on the launch of fellow Italian Luca Parmitano aboard Soyuz TMA-09M. (Audio inserts edited from ESA commentary.)
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June 12 Shenzhou 10 The launch of Shenzhou 10 with three astronauts towards the Tiangong 1 space station. It was noted that one of the Chinese astronauts was female, and that another female resides on the International Space Station as we mark the 50th anniversary of the launch of Vostok 6 with the first female cosmonaut, Valentina Tereshkova. (Audio inserts courtesy CCTV)
June 12 Expedition 37 Overview Plans for the crew activities aboard the International Space Station for the remainder of 2013. (Courtesy NASA)
June 19 Mars Express Marking the tenth anniversary of the Mars Express mission, a summary of its findings. (Courtesy ESA)
June 19 Curiosty Drills Recent activity by the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity. (Courtesy JPL)
June 19 Flight Engineer's Tasks Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano explains his role as Flight Engineer aboard the International Space Station. (Courtesy ESA)
June 19 SWARM A trio of satellites designed to measure the changing magnetic dield of the Earth. (Courtesy ESA)
June 26 Shenzhou 10 A summary of the Shenzhou 10 mission, which ended this morning.
June 26 Beyond the Sky A thirteen-year long detective hunt to find singer Judy Collin's tribute to astronaut Eileen Collins. Included Eileen's induction into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame and two versions of the song "Beyond the Sky."
* Listen or download (50 min 38 s - 46.2 MB)
* Lyrics
* CD Cover
* Judy performs in IMAX Theatre at KSC
* Judy sings in IMAX Theatre at KSC
* Judy sings Beyond The Sky
* Audience and Judy
* Judy with Hillary Clinton at launch of STS 93
July 17 Pale Blue Dot On Saturday the third ever photo of Earth as seen from the outer Solar System will be taken by the Cassini spacecraft. To mark the occassion we discuss the previous two photos and their significance. People are encouraged to go outside and wave at Saturn (even though it will be below our horizon at the time) and send their photos to NASA. Included Bobby Valentine's "Pale Blue Dot" song and Cassini mission planning feature.
* Listen or download (51 min 4 s - 46.7 MB)
* Carl Sagan's Words
* Voyager 1 Image
* Full Voyager 1 image
* Cassini's First Blue Dot annotated
* Cassini's First Blue Dot full
* Cassini's new Blue Dot annotated
* Casssini's new high resolution image of Earth and Moon
* Cassini's and Messenger's images compared
* Messenger's image of Earth and Moon from Mercury (not refered to in documentary programme)
July 24 The NASA Space Apps Challenge From the Victorian Space Science Education Centre in Strathmore contestants vie for the honour of developing computer applications for smartphones and tablets. Included interviews with Sean Herron (NASA Representative, Space Apps Challenge, NASA HQ, Washington, D.C.), Cynthia Chen (Organiser, Melbourne), Loius Chiu (Australian Youth Aerospace Association, Melbourne) and some of the Melbourne contestants.
* Listen or download (56 min 43 s - 51.9 MB)
* See July 24 entries on 2013 Interviews page for individual interviews
* Listen or download Zhi Qiao's presentation on wind energy monitoring (4 min 45 s - 4.7 MB)
* Listen or download Guillaume Prevost's presentation on meteor reporting (3 min 31 s - 3.2 MB)
* Listen or download announcement of winners (0 min 37 s - 1.8 MB)
* Listen or download unbroadcast announcement of winners (2 min 42 s - 2.4 MB)
July 31 Supercomputing at Ames How supercomputers are being developed and used at the Ames Research Center.
July 31 IRIS, SOHO and TRACE Description of the new IRIS satellite and two other missions to study the Sun. (Courtesy GSFC)
August 7 Kepler - Is This The End? The story of the Kepler exoplanet hunting spacecraft: what its pupose is, some of its findings, and the problems with the gyroscopic stabilisation wheels that have crippled the craft. Also included feaures on early stage star formation, formation of earth-like planets in the habitable zone around a star, dust rings around new planets, reports from the beginning of the mission in 2009 and 2010 and a song about Kepler the man and the spacecraft.
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August 14 The A-Train Description of the closely spaced constellation of Earth observing satellites called the "A-Train".
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August 21 Honeysuckle Creek The Space Show visits the site of the former Honeysuckle Creek tracking station with former employees John Saxon, Hamish Lindsay, Jim Kirkpatrick, Phil Maier and Neil Sandford.
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N.B. Some interviews in this feature are also available on the 2013 Interviews page.

Photographs by The Space Show:
* Plaque from Honeysuckle Creek, now at Tidbinbilla
* John Saxon and Hamish Lindsay at HoneysuckleCreek
* John Saxon and Hamish Lindsay at Honeysuckle Creek. Hamish points to himself at console, while John holds an album of memorabilia.
* Commemorative display.
* Concrete slab is all that remains of the building at Honeysuckle Creek. The antenna stood on the grassy area in background.
* The antenna from Honeysuckle Creek is now at Tidbinbilla, rebadged as DSS 46.
* Another view of DSS 46.
* At Tharwa after visiting Honeysuckle Creek

August 28 Earth Song The story of how James van Allen discovered the radiation belts and how two new satellites are continuing research into the origins and behaviour of the belts. Included recordings by the two van Allen satellites.
Listen or download (23 min 8 s - 21.1 MB)
August 28 Auroral Recordings Recordings by Canadian Steve McGready of the sounds of the aurora. (Courtesy LAF)
August 28 Decadal Survey for Planetary Exploration - Episode 1 An introduction to the United States' second ten year plan for the exploration of the planets. Introduced by Steve Squyres of Cornell University, who explained the process by which the plan was reached.
Listen or download (15 min 33 s - 14.2 MB)
August 28 Gaia Description of the forthcoming European Space Agency's Gaia astrometry mission, which is planned to far surpass the Hipparcos measurements of stellar positions. (Courtesy ESA)
September 4 Decadal Survey for Planetary Exploration - Episode 2 Planetary missions that made it onto the Decadal Survey for Planetary Exploration. Described by Steve Squyres of Cornell University.
Listen or download (23 min 53 s - 21.8 MB)
September 4 Decadal Survey for Planetary Exploration - Episode 3 The process by which NASA will decide what to do with the planetary missions that made it onto the Decadal Survey for Planetary Exploration. Described by Steve Squyres of Cornell University.
Listen or download (24 min 6 s - 22.0 MB)
September 18 Voyager 1 Goes Interstellar Marking the confirmation that Voyager 1 has reached interstellar space. Includes the voices of Ed Stone (Voyager Project Scientist, California Institute of Technology, California) and John Grunsfeld (Associate Administrator, Science Mission Directorate, NASA HQ, Washington, D.C.) and music from the Voyager Intersellar Record.
* Listen or download (16 min 4 s - 14.6 MB)
* Listen or download end of show addendum (2 min 7 s - 1.9 MB)
September 25 Space Junk Told in music and words, the history of orbital debris from 1957 to today. Included comment by U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich.
Listen or download (11 min 39 s - 11.2 MB)
October 2 Message To Voyager A summary of the Voyager 1 mission and some thoughts by Earthlings now that the craft has reached interstellar space. (Courtesy NASA)
October 2 Aussie Spaceman A programme to mark the 29th anniversary of the first spaceflight by an Australian. Included the world premier of Bobby Valentine's rendition of "Aussie Spaceman", a talk by Paul Scully-Power about his experience in space and an interview with Jon McBride about his career and the STS 41-G shuttle mission.
* Listen or download (43 min 8 s - 41.4 MB)
* Listen or download McBride only (16 min 50 s - 15.7 MB)
* Listen or download Scully-Power clip 1 (5 min 28 s - 5.0 MB)
* Listen or download Scully-Power clip 2 (6 min 58 s - 6.4 MB)
* Read about McBride interview in Florida Diary
* Photo of Paul and Andrew
October 9 "Gravity" Review A review of the movie "Gravity", including vox-pops of people as they left the first screening at IMAX Melbourne.
* Listen or download review (14 min 24 s - 13.1 MB)
* Listen or download Vox-pops (8 min 57 s - 8.4 MB)
* Photo of Space Association display at IMAX Melbourne
* Photo of Space Association display at IMAX Melbourne
* Photo of Space Association display at IMAX Melbourne
October 16 Apollo 7 To mark the 45th anniversary of the first manned Apollo mission: Wally Schirra chats with Roy Neal about Apollo 7 (courtesy NASA oral history); and Walter Cunningham describes his visit to Australia and New Zealand (courtesy AAB).
Listen or download (40 min 43 s - 37.2 MB)
Novemebr 6 Mangalyaan Indiia's Mangalyaan Mars Orbiter Mission to Mars, including its trajectory, its scientific and engineering objectives and why Indians are interested in Mars. (Courtesy ISRO)
November 13 Saving Skylab To mark the 40th anniversary of the launch of Skylab 4, a description of the problems arising from the launch of Skylab 1 and of the heroic efforts of the Skylab 2 in saving the programme.
Listen or download (30 min 26 s - 27.8 MB)
November 20 Kennedy In Texas Space was a recurrent theme during President Kennedy's ill-fated 1963 tour of Texas. The Space Show asked actors to read the speeches made, or prepared, over three days - 1963 November 20 to 22. From Washington to Texas, it is clear that Kennedy considered achievement in space to be one of the selling points of his Administration.
Listen or download :
* Whole programme (39 min 10 s - 35.8 MB)
* Statement on Geneva Radio Conference - Read by Jon Gilbertson (1 min 44 s - 1.4 MB)
* Aerospace Medical Center in San Antonio - Read by Kennedy (9 min 11 s - 8.3 MB)
* Houston Colliseum - Read by Jon Gilbertson (3 min 30 s - 3.1 MB)
* Fort Worth - Read by Jon Gilbertson (1 min 29 s - 1.3 MB)
* Fort Worth - Read by Tim Watson (1 min 30 s - 2.3 MB)
* Trade Mart - Read by Jon Gilbertson (1 min 23 s - 1.2 MB)
* Trade Mart - Read by Tim Watson (1 min 28 s - 1.3 MB)
* Austin - Read by Jon Gilbertson (2 min 34 s - 2.3 MB)
* Austin - Read by Tim Watson (2 min 30 s - 2.3 MB)
November 27 ICESat Findings The discoveries by the ICESat (Ice, Clouds and land Elevation Satellite) about Antarctic ice changes.
November 27 Advanced Instrumentation Technology Centre Tour Dr. Naomi Mathers takes us on a tour of AITC atop Mount Stromlo, Canberra, describing how telescopes and satellites are tested.
Listen or download (25 min 21 s - 23.1 MB)
Photographs by The Space Show:
Space Show Group stroll on Mount Stromlo towards AITC
Space Show Group on Mount Stromlo
Space Show Group outside AITC
The AITC building (courtesy ANU)
The entry to AITC
The staff caffeteria and reading lounge
An interior view of AITC
The Endevour telescope that flew in space
The Endeavour telescope
View south from the AITC building
The Antarctic Broadband Satellite
The breadboard of the Antarctic Broadband Satellite
Dr. Mathers with plasma thruster
Cubesat on office shelf
Dr. Mathers holds a cubesat
December 4 Rosetta and Philae Plans to bring Rosetta out of hibernation and test its instruments and communications links ahead of its rendezvous with Comet Churyumov Gerasimenko and the landing of Philae on the comet. (Courtesy ESA)
December 11 CBERS 3 Loss and Progress M-21M Save The launch failure of the China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite and the drama of the troubled docking of the Russian Progress M-21M cargo resupply spacecraft with the International Space Station when the new Kurs system failed.
Listen or download (33 min 34 s - 30.6 MB)
December 11 Curiosity Findings Curiosity has been able to date rocks that point to a time when Mars might have been habitable. (Courtesy JPL)
December 25 Space Music A programme of songs about space exploration.