by Andrew Rennie

(unless otherwise specified)

February 4 Robert Brand
Australian Space Entrepeneur
Project Thunderstruct to conduct test flights.
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Photo of Robert and Jason Brand
February 11 Igor Rozenberg
Space Association of Australia
The excitement of the early Soviet space achievements of the 1950s and 1960s; the disappointinng drop off in space achievement since then; the disbursement of the space assets when the USSR dissolved; Russian involvement in the International Space Station and the role of western money in sustaining the Russian space programme; the state of Russia's space effort today; the use of Kazakhstan's Baikonour Cosmodrome and the construction of a new launch site in Russia's far east; the future direction for Russia's launch vehicle development; and Igor's background as a migrant from the Ukraine and his recommendations on books about Russia's past and present space projects.
February 25 David Chudwin
College Reporter
How, as a teenager, he reported from the Kennedy Space Center, the launch of Apollo 11, the first human lunar landing mission. (Interviewer Peter Aylward)
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April 8 Fred Haise
former NASA Astronaut
Apollo 13; Growing up in Missisippi; passion for flying after initial lack of interest; flying with the U.S. Marine Corps; engineering degree; joining Lewis Research Center; meeting Neil Armstrong; Lifting body M2F1; Approach and Landing Tests in the Space Shuttle Enterprise; shuttle design; promise verses reality of shuttle; assignment as crew member for Skylab rescue mission; and leaving NASA to Grumman. (Interviewer: Peter Aylward)
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April 15 Fred Haise
former NASA Astronaut
Apollo 13; Selection as astronaut; back-up crews for Apollo; geology training; measles and crew change; preparing for launch; the launch experience; centre engine shutdown; Earth orbit; and extracting the lunar module from the Saturn 4B. (Interviewer: Peter Aylward)
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April 22 Fred Haise
former NASA Astronaut
Apollo 13; looking back at Earth; going off free return trajectory; the final TV show; stiring the cryogenic oxygen tank; explosion; history of the oxygen tank; immediate aftermath; inertial guidance system; second oxygen tank leak; powering up the lunar module. (Interviewer: Peter Aylward)
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April 29 Fred Haise
former NASA Astronaut
Apollo 13; disappointment; calculating power reserves; cooling water; plenty of oxygen; lithium hydroxide; poering down command module; link with Apollo 1 fire; water condensation; radio blackout during reentry; no spacesuits during reentry; his view of reentry; splashdown; damage to service module; urinary infection; Grumman's bill for towage. (Interviewer: Peter Aylward)
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May 6 Fred Haise
former NASA Astronaut
Apollo 13; Flying Harvards and other aircraft; Suffering severe burns in an avaiation accident; Fra Mauro and Cone Crater; Space suit usage on Apollo 13; Lunar Landing Training Vehicle; witnessing Saturn 5 launches; Apollo 19; Honeysuckle Creek's help; visiting Melbourne. (Interviewer: Peter Aylward)
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May 27 Laurent Pambaguian
Materials Technology Section
European Space Agency
The Netherlands
Challenges in buiding and operating satellites, innovative technologies such as additive manufacturing being developed, advanages of additive manufacturing, what ESA is doing with it, and using this tecnique to build lunar bases.
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May 27 Ed Roberts
Major Projects Manager
The formation of Auspace, ultraviolet photons and photon detectors and their role in astronomy, history of the Endeavour payload and preparing it to fly aboard the Space Shuttle, development of an Atmospheric Pressure Sensor and the Along Track Scanning Radiometer (for the ERS 1 satellite) and measuring the sea temperature from space. (Recorded in 1992)
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September 9 Robert Brand
Project Hermes
Plans to send children's art to the Moon. Involves contributions from astronaut/artist Alan Bean and artist Lucy Westinal. (Interviewer Peter Aylward)
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Photo of Robert and Jason Brand
September 16 Robert Zubrin
Pioneer Astronautics

Author, "The Case For Mars"

Advocacy of human settlement of Mars and the reasons for it; the origins of the Mars Direct plan and its reception by NASA personel; the Mars 2020 mission; the now abandoned Constellation plan - its strengths and weaknesses; the Space Launch System and Orion; how Obama's space plan has been subverted; Franklin Chang-Diaz and nuclear propulsion; the Mars One proposal; the future of human spaceflight; the view of the American public; the availability of his book on Amazon.
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November 4 Philip Clark
The author of the book Acquisition discusses his career at the Orroral Valley Space Tracking Station, where he workd from 1966 to 1985 as initially a technician and later as operation supervisor. (Interviewed by Peter Aylward)
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Photo of Philip Clark at Tidbinbilla with his book
November 11 Jason Brand
Robert Brand
Team Stellar
The aims of team Stellar to place a rover on the Moon, construction of a 30 metre diameter dish to receive the rover's signals and public outreach projects. Student high altitude balloon flights over New South Wales - their purpose, how that are tracked and recovered and the permissions required.
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Photo of Robert and Jason Brand
December 2 Ed Roberts
Major projects Manager
Methane and global warming, the use of spaceborne spectroscopy to detect methane, and an Australian proposal for a Global Atmospheric Methane Sounder satellite.
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