by Andrew Rennie

(unless otherwise specified)

January 25 Apollo 1 Marking the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Saturn 204 (later Apollo 1) fire on the launch pad that killed astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee, a "virtual" interview with astronauts Neil Armstrong (Gemini 8 and Apollo 11), Frank Borman (Gemini 7 and Apollo 8), Jim Lovell (Gemini 7, Gemini 12, Apollo 8 and Apollo 13), Wally Schirra (Mercury 8, Gemini 6 and Apollo 7) and Alan Shepard (Mercury 3 and Apollo 14). (audio inserts courtesy JSC Oral History Unit)
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February 8 Duane Ross
Astronaut Candidate Selection and Training
Johnson Space Center
How long it takes to select and train astronauts; medical criteria; exployment contracts; the case of Lisa Nowak; Duane's career history; flight assignments; and Australian Andy Thomas. (Interview by Peter Aylward)
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Februsry 15 Carlo Leone
Amateur Radio Operator
Geelong Amateur Radio Club
The Geelong Amateur Radio Club; amateur licensing; Oscar 7; meteor scatter; moon bounce; costs involved.
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February 22 Fran Bagenal
Laboratory for Astmospheric and Space Physics
University of Colorado
The New Horizons finding about Pluto's interaction with its space environment.
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* Listen or download response to question about Pluto's icy crust. (1 min 4 s - 1 MB)
* Listen or download response to question about Pluto's geology (0 min 34 s - 0.6 MB)
March 8 Unknown Teacher
Advantages of flying student experiments on the space station over the space shuttle.
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March 15 Robert Brand
Mars MEDIAN Mission. Methane Detection by In-Situ Analysis with NanoLanders is a project to land a network of probes on Mars. (Interview by Peter Aylward)
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March 22 John Le Marshall
Senior Principal Research Scientist
Bureau of meteorology
The COSMIC constellation of satellites
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March 22 Colin Burgess
Space History Author
How he became interested in space; his interest in the human aspect of spaceflight rather than the technology; the Mercury 13 women; his Mercury books; "Fallen Astronauts"; Apollo 1 and Apollo 13; Betty Grissom; and books on the astronaut groups. (Interview by Peter Aylward)
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April 12 Shaun Moss
"The International Mars Research Station"
An overview of the book; the Bigelow inflatable; his plan and Robert Zubrin's plan for Mars; using the Martian atmosphere and solar energy; the architecture of landing on Mars; making methane and oxygen propellant; and reuseable Mars Transfer Vehicles.
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April 19 Igor Rozemberg
Space Association of Australia
The 50th anniversary of the death of Vladimir Komarov aboard Soyuz 1. Included music and sound bytes.
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June 21 Iver Cairns
Professor in Space Physics
University of Sydney
Contacting the "lost" Inspire-2 cubesat; the QB 50 project and Inspire-2's role in it; applications of the data from Inspire-2; the Training Centre for CubeSats, UAVs and Their Applications; viewing the Atlas 5 rocket launch the Cygnus cargo craft bearing the three Australian cubesats.
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July 19 Stuart McAndrew
Amateur Spacecraft Builder
Western Australia
The OzQube 1 project - its purpose, launch and crowd finding appeal.
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August 16 Alan Stern
Associate Vice President
Space Science and Engineering Division
Southwest Research Institute
His role in the New Horizons mission; Triton compared to Pluto; findings about Pluto and Charon; description of what it might be like to stand on Pluto; Charon and Pluto compared; the small moons of Pluto; the journey to Kuiper Belt Object 2014 MU69; naming 2014 MU69; desired studies by any future Pluto missions.
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August 30 Andrew Dempster
Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research
University of New South Wales
Space science research in Australia; funding; policies; and opportunities.
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September 27 Megan Clark
Expert Reference Group
The review of Australia's space industry capability.
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October 4 Igor Rozenberg
Space Association of Australia
To mark the 60th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik 1 a discussion with Igor about Sputnik 1, Soviet launch sites, the R-7 missile, and related matters. Programme included a Caltech feature on tracking the world's first artificial satellite, and Soviet era music.
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November 29 Richard Tonkin
Member Australis Oscar 5 Team
Melbourne University
Eyewitness account of the launch of Wresat 1, and how it beat the Australis Oscar 5 satellite into orbit.
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December 13 Russell Boyce
UNSW Space
The Buccaneer satellite; launch of BRMM, the Buccaneer Risk Mitigation Mission; successfully working; COSPAR ID confusion; data expected; the pending BMM, the Buccaneer Main Mission; why there has been a resurgence in Australian satellite building; his involvement in the current government enquiry into Australia's space activities; and forthcomming satellites such as RAAF M1 and M2, QKD and the Rutherford Appleton upper atmosphere carbon content mission.
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December 20 Andreas Antoniades
Director and Lead Engineer
Obelisk Systems
Hunter Valley
New South Wales
The aims of Obelisk Systems; affordable hardware; the Asimov payload and its use in schools; cubesats.
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December 20 Jay Kudakaev
Southern FM
A discussion about the movie "Star Wars - The Last Jedi" and its characters.
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