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Earth & Sky

with Deborah Byrd, Joel Block, Jorge Salazar and others

The daily science series Earth & Sky began playing on 88.3 Southern FM   during 1997.

What Was Earth & Sky?

Earth & Sky was a series of programmes seven days a week, 90 seconds a day. Each programme contained high-quality, scientific information about the natural world. On most stations, Earth & Sky was aired at least twice a day.The daily science enrichment radio series Earth & Sky debuted in the United States in 1991 September on 30 public radio stations. It's listnership build to be heard by millions of listeners on over 600 commercial and public stations throughout the U.S., Canada, the South Pacific and on several international networks.

What Topics were Covered by Earth & Sky?

Earth & Sky topics fell generally into the following categories:

Who Made Earth & Sky?

Earth & Sky was produced by Byrd and Block Communications, Inc. (BBCI) of Austin, Texas. BBCI was formed in 1991 by the show's producers/host team, Deborah Byrd and Joel Block. The programme was funded by grants from a changing range of organisations, such as the National Science Foundation and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Earth & Sky has regular "content consultants." Consultants read and commented on every script before they were recorded.

How Do Listeners Get More Information About Topics Featured On Earth & Sky?

By using the Internet to go to

How Do I Hear Earth & Sky?

Particular programmes dealing with space, astronomy and sometimes Earth science were played on The Space Show.

The series is no longer in production.