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Between 1998 September 28 and October 2 the International Astronautical Federation held its Congress at the Melbourne Convention Centre, Melbourne.

88.3 Southern FM   was the only radio station to have a reporter for the duration of the International Astronautical Federation Congress. Yes, you guessed it, The Space Show was there every day, from before 9 am until late in the evening.

Approximately 25 hours of presentations and interviews were recorded. These were all broadcast on The Space Show as time and relevance allowed, providing a unique insight into the current status of many space projects.

Here are some of the interviews recorded:-

A number of 2-hour seminars were recorded. These included:On the seminar panels was an impressive array of talent and experience - a who's-who of the space industry and space agencies. All giving their view on the hottest issues as we headed toward the new millennium.

Obviously these seminars and interviews took months to edit or transcribe, and kept The Space Show well supplied with exciting material until the end of 2001. Look for the Forum Series listed under Lectures for 1998, 1999 and 2001.

Ocassionally the recording was not up to broadcast standard, often because more than one microphone was open in the auditorium. Some of these unbroadcast items are now available for download. These unedited sessions may reward the patient listener.
Listen or Download Pacific Rim Space Agencies Plenary Session - China's efforts. (4 min 18 s - 4.0 MB)
Listen or Download Pacific Rim Space Agencies Plenary Session - Japan's efforts. (16 min 16 s - 15.2 MB)
Listen or Download Pacific Rim Space Agencies Plenary Session - Russia's efforts. (13 min 34 s - 12.7 MB)
Listen or Download Questions and Answers at Global Impact of Pacific Rim Space Agencies Plenary Session - includes future of Mir (12 min 34 s - 11.9 MB)
Listen or Download Henk Olthof (ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands) on Europe and Spacelab. (9 min 58 s - 9.3 MB)
Listen or Download Judith Robey (Microgravity Research Division, Office of Life and Microgravity Sciences and Applications, NASA) on Spacelab microgravity experiments. (11 min 59 s - 11.2 MB)
Listen or Download Spacelab and Space station telescience by former astronaut John-David Bartoe. (10 min 28 s - 9.8 MB)

We hope you enjoyed listening to these!