Asked To Leave Paradise

Upon returning to my red rental car I decided to send my first ever text message from my new mobile phone to Peter Aylward in Australia. Sitting in the car, with the driver's door open and the cabin light on so I could read the instruction book, I was so engrossed in this novel task that I didn't notice the passing time.

My concentration was broken by flashing orange lights as a security car drew along side. Its driver asked me what the problem was. I replied that I was trying to send a text message. This didn't in the least impress the burly guy, and he firmly asked me to drive on.

I looked around the floodlit 400 metre by 200 metre carpark to realise that it was now completely deserted, save me and my car, in contrast to it being nearly full when I arrived at 2 pm!

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Text, images and audio Copyright to Andrew Rennnie, 2010