Obama Arrives

President Obama reaches into his pocket for his speech, although its text was displayed on two strategically placed telepromters.

In came the President, and with my minidisc running in my shirt pocket, I began taking pictures.

First a few contingency shots, then a pause to mentally take in the wonder of it all, then lots more photos using a variety of lenses.

There was time to also photograph again the invited guests - I didn't have any idea who most of them were, but I figured I could work that out later. I had earlier asked the White House folks for a list, but they didn't have one.

Problem is, I still don't know who most of them were.

President Obama directs a comment my way.
Another comment comes my way. It wasn't that I was special. Rather, he knows when to look into a reporter's camera.

Obama made expressive use of his hands whilst again looking my way as he declared his intention to direct NASA to send a manned mission to an asteroid.

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Text, images and audio Copyright to Andrew Rennnie, 2010