Plenary Session

NASA's official photographer in action as the team leaders prepare to report back on conference sessions.
NASA Admininistrator Charlie Bolden listens to the views of a Conference Attendee.

At 4:10 pm it was back onto "Thomas", the NASA bus, for the return to the News Center. After picking up my copy of NASA's video DVD of the Obama arrival, speech and departure, I drove to the KSC Visitor Complex where the forum report back sessions were being held. Only about five reporters attended this.

I was able to plug my mini-disc recorder into their PA system and record the entire 40 minute session, including the informal comments at the end. This is a world-wide "Space Show" exclusive!
Listen or download (40 min 14 s - 36.8 MB)

I am particularly pleased with some of my pictures of NASA Administrator and four time shuttle astronaut Charlie Bolden.

We media were supposed to keep to a roped off area to the side of the auditorium, but after the formal summation ended and the session broke up into informal chat, I thought: "Stuff it, I want to do interviews." So I mingled with the movers and shakers of the American space programme!

The team leaders report on their team's recommendations.

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