Andy Thomas and Associates

Norm Augustine elaborates on policy points set out by President Obama.

Charlie Bolden and Norm Augustine now spoke, but none of the media pack (save me) and few of the VIPs listened. The media busied themselves unplugging and packing equipment; the VIPs exchanged comments like naughty children in school assembly.

Buzz Aldrin and others hear out Norm.

Buzz Aldrin ponders Augustine's speech.

John Holdren, a member of the Augustine Commission, explains the rationale of the new space policy.

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden looks at me as the Augustine Report is explained. Possibly he is wondering why I am the only one left taking photos!

A moment of mutual recognition. Andy Thomas spots me, now a lone reporter on the photographer's stand just as I see and photograph him.

At one point Bolden began to thank the invited guests for coming. I heard the name Thomas mentioned, and a quick search of the still seated dignitaries revealed Andy and his wife, astronaut Shannon Walker.

One of the invited guests chats with Astronaut Andy Thomas.Astronaut Andy Thomas listens attentively to the organisational instructions for the Space Conference.

Afterwards, as the VIPs were leaving for the four closed Conference sessions, I caught up with Andy. Turns out he had spotted me long before I recognised him, and had thought: "That looks like Andrew Rennie, but it can't be." He gave me a great interview before he heeded the final call to move away to attend his conference session.

NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver gives me a smile.

I next took some delightful photographs of NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver as she posed for me.

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