recorded by Andrew Rennie

February 3The NASA BudgetNASA Administrator Charlie Bolden outlines a future vision for NASA and President Obama's Budget proposal. (Courtesy NASA HQ)
February 24A New Direction for NASAFormer NASA astronaut and member of the Augustine Committee Sally Ride explains why President Obama is setting NASA a new direction with his Budeget proposal. (Courtesy NASA HQ)
March 3Solar Dynamic Observatory's Atmospheric Imaging Assembly.Dean Pesnel, SDO Project Scientist, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland describes the Solar Dynamic Observatory satellite's Atmospheric Imaging Assembly. (Courtesy GSFC)
March 17Beth Robinson
Chief Financial Officer
Washington D.C.
Details of President Obama's budget initialtives for NASA.
April 28STS 132 Crew CommentsComments by STS 132 crew made at the launch pad ahead of their terminal countdown demonstration test. Included question by Andrew Rennie.
Listen or download crew arrival (0 min 50 s - 0.7 MB) and Listen or download crew comments (12 min 38 s - 11.8 MB)
May 5Bill Nelson
U.S. Senate

Charlie Bolden
Washington D.C.

Barack Obama
United States of America

Opening speeches at the American Space Program 21st Century Conference. Obama set out his vision for America's future in space. (Recorded at Kennedy Space Center, Florida) Included in full programme - listen or download (58 min 38 s - 54.9 MB)     {See note about mains hum.}
May 26STS 132 Crew CommentsComments by STS 132 crew made as they arrived at the Shuttle Landing Facility of the Kennedy Space Center for the Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test. (Recorded at SLF at KSC)
Listen or download sound of T-38 jets (0 mim 52 s - 0.8 MB)
and Listen or download Commander Ken Ham's comments (4 mim 9 s - 3.9 MB)
September 15Doomsday 2012 - Part 1David Morrison, Director of the Lunar Science Institute, debunks the 2012 myth. (Courtesy SVA)
September 22Doomsday 2012 - Part 2David Morrison, Director of the Lunar Science Institute, debunks the 2012 myth. (Courtesy SVA)
September 22Changing the RulesMike Leinbach, Shuttle Launch Director, discusses the conditions under which rules governing launch commit criteria might be changed during a countdown. (Recorded at Kennedy Space Center by Peter Aylward)
Listen or download (6 mim 35 s - 6.0 MB)
September 29Medical Issues of a Human Trip to MarsNobuyoshi Fujimoto (Senior Engineer, Space Systems and Utilisation, Japan Aerospace Agency), Scott Duchavsky (ISS Investigator and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Detroit's Henry Ford Hospital), and Clarence Sams (Chief Scientist, ISS Medical Projects), discuss the medical difficulties posed by a human flight to Mars. (Recorded at Kennedy Space Center)